"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... only disarm those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes...  Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."  - Thomas Jefferson

Invitation to All

EGA Defense, LLC invites you to bring out your handguns and rifles to break in the newly constructed range. "We Do Not Sell Ammo", please bring your own.  Citizens come practice and be ready to defend yourself if the need arises. Law Enforcement, become more efficient and proficient with your firearm.  Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be on the range during all live fire and will provide assistance as needed.  Pricing and hours of operation are listed below.


(We Accept Cash, Check  & Credit Card)
$100.00 – CCW Training 4 Hours Range Time/4 Hours Class Time
CCW Training on Scheduled Saturdays - Call to Confirm
(Weekday CCW Training for special circumstances must be Scheduled)
$15.00 - All Day Shooting Rifle or Pistol
$10.00 – Veterans & First Responders All Day Shooting
$100.00 - CCW 2 Training 4 Hours Range Time - Moving & Shooting

$80.00 - Basic Pistol Marksmanship Shooting Course (4 Hours)

$80.00 - Intermediate Pistol Marksmanship Shooting Course (4 Hours)

Tactical Shooting Instruction (by Z.E.R.T.) May 2018

Yearly Membership:  Includes Any Open Day of the Week

$275.00  -  Individual

$375.00  -  Family (Children 25 yrs. old or younger still in school)

(Payments can be made at the bottom of the next page)


$Free$ - Range Steel Targets
$0.50/ea.- Paper Pistol/Rifle Targets

$1.00/ea. - 18" x 18" Zeroing Targets
$1.50/ea. sheet - 12" x 18" Silhouette Targest
$2.00/ea. - 23" x 35" Silhouette Targets


Monday - Closed

Tuesday thru Saturday - Noon to Dusk

Sunday - Closed


"You will never rise to the occasion, but rather fall to the level of your proficiency!"


"If you carry a gun and don't train with it, you're more of

a liability than an asset!" 

CCW/CHL Training:  NRA Basic Pistol and Non-NRA Defensive Pistol Training

(Note:  Pistol, Holster & 200 Rounds are required for the  CCW Training, 4 hours on range and 4 hours in class.)


  • 15 Lane 25 yard Pistol Range
  • Tactical Area for Tactical Training​ (must schedule)
  • 3 - Benches & 2 - Prone Lane 200 yard Rifle Range

Prior Classroom & Range Training Photos 


Phone#:  614-315-9632  -  Email:  egadefense@yahoo.com  

​Training Offered & Range Specifications

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DATE:  April 21, 2018          TIME:  10 AM TO 2 PM

WHERE:  Springfield IPCC , 3333 E. National Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45505

In this day and age Active Shooter incidents are affecting more than just schools and businesses, they have made their way into our churches more frequently unimpeded.  Present your facility as a "HARD TARGET"!  The only way that you can protect yourself, your loved ones and friends is to receive proper training from professionals in the field of self defense and emergency response.  This seminar will provide information from the experience ranging from military combat tactics, federal and local law enforcement, executive protection and local Fire/EMS professionals.

What to expect:    

1.  Please bring a notebook and pen. 

2.  Learn how to Prepare.

3.  Learn how to Prevent.

4.  Learn how to Respond.

5.  Learn how to interact with First Responders.

6.  Learn to deal with the Post Incident Events.

7.  Time for Questions.

Pre-Registration (required):

1.  Register by paying the fee at the bottom of the next page and email a list of members attending.


2.  Visit EGA Defense, LLC's Range to pay fee and register members attending.

Seminar Cost:

1.  $100.00 per Church (10 people or less)

2.  $150.00 per Church (11 to 15 people)

(NOTE:  Please bring no more than 15 people to allow as many churches as possible to attend.)

REMEMBER:  "You will not rise to the occasion, but rather fall to the level of you proficiency!"